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Our Sacco management software is the Best Sacco Micro Finance Software provider in Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania and whole East Africa. We provide the best Sacco software in Tanzania – Micro Finance Management Software in Tanzania. Contact us immediately for a free demo. There are more than a hundred fields to enter a client’s information. For credit products on our Sacco management software in Tanzania, one can enter unlimited products. Our Sacco ERP management software is an integrated microfinance and Sacco management software which helps sacco’s to automate core functions such as a chama, Sacco or microfinance. This Sacco Software in Tanzania has 3 Types of interest calculation: flat, Declining Balance-Equal monthly installment (EMI) and Declining Balance – Equal principal installment.

We will be installing the Sacco system for Saccos, Chama, Microfinance, Locan companies that have less than 100 members Sacco software in Tanzania for at a small fee. All Sacco, Microfinance, chama’s Loan or credit companies having less than 100 members kindly contact us using our Contact US form. This is a small microfinance Sacco software greatly being used many microfinance institutions around the world.

Why free accounting software for saccos?

Some are asking why free accounting software for saccos? We are supporting the growth of Saccos, Chamas, micro finance and Loan companies. Looking at other accounting software for saccos providers you will determine that their Sacco software system price doesn’t match with the size of the Sacco. They charge almost the same price for small startup Saccos and Large and established Sacco’s. Although our open source Sacco management system doesn’t include the payroll part and document management system all the major modules on the Sacco management information system are well catered for. This free accounting software for saccos is the most advanced as it has hundreds of reports.

Sacco Management Software – Microfinance Software Company Provides advanced services in Micro Finance Software solutions of all types. Sacco management software in Tanzania helps hundreds of Sacco and microfinance enterprises, Sacco’s, banks, loan companies, credit financiers in Tanzania. Our various services are website design, Software Development and Mobile application development; we are one of the best Java, Php & .Net Development.

Our Sacco management software or Micro Finance software in Tanzania will print collection sheets. It can restructure and reschedule the loan repayment. There are unlimited numbers of savings products that can be managed through the Sacco management software which can be associated with any type of customer. The current account can be managed, with or without interests.

Many Saccos in Tanzania are using our sacco management software for free as they buy bulk SMS for Sacco and Loan companies or they pay as they use the Sacco system. Our Sacco management software in Tanzania is best suited for small Sacco’s and micro-finance institutions although we have large Sacco organizations and financial NGO’s using the accounting Sacco software.

sacco management software

Our Sacco Software Company Provides advanced services in Micro Finance Software solutions of all types. There are unlimited numbers of savings products that can be managed through the software which can be associated with any type of customer. The current account can be managed, with or without interests.

sacco management software
sacco management software

Microfinance Software Company has participated in the mission through developing Software is more effective and efficient money management software for these Microfinance companies are trying their best to offer these Villages and Rural Areas Peoples. Microfinance Software’s innovative design is flexible, user-friendly and features a very high-level automation. This gives the excellent customer service and operates very efficiently with a minimum number of staff. It is a web-based, module-driven, system specifically for Microfinance software companies. The Sacco accounting software system is powered by modules and reports which facilitate and monitor group transactions but also take considerations of transactions by individual customers.

Micro Finance Software Features: –

  • •SASRA Reports
    •SMS alerts on all transactions.
    •Deposits, Loans, Shares.
    •Centralized database and single server control point for all branches.
    •Core Banking and ATM access for all members/clients.
    •Branch Managers dashboard.
    •Daily summaries and performance reports
    •Audit Trail
    •Members/Customers & Transactions
    •Balances, Statements etc
    •Automated guarantors value calculator
    •Ledger & Cash Book
    •All General Ledger Reports
    •Reconciliations to Banks
    •Recovery from guarantors and offsetting
    •Member Details & Transactions
    •Loan Appraisal & Processing
    •Ledger Book -Integrated
    •FOSA -Customers
    •Teller & Back Office Activities
    •Unlimited Members & Customers
    •Supports Multiple Databases
    •Oracle, Mysql, IBM DB2 & MS Access
    •Security on Database & Users
    •Users are grouped into Roles
    •Unlimited Users in the Networks
  • Our Sacco ERP Software gives you all microfinance software functionalities enabling you to concentrate on other Sacco/microfinance areas of your business operations. From deposit, withdrawal, Loans management, Shares and Dividends management to Customer and banking management are all cater in our sacco erp software in Tanzania.
    If you are looking for the best Sacco software in Tanzania to serve Chama, Sacco cooperative, co-operative union, community banks, housing cooperatives, microfinance institutions, Sacco system Tanzania, Microfinance software then call us because we serve all Sacco’s and microfinance with latest Sacco management software in Tanzania. We the best Sacco management software company in Dodoma, Tanzania providing you the latest Sacco erp software in Tanzania. On this sacco erp software in Tanzania we have extended the modules to have HR and Payroll Software and Document Management system.

    We just realized clients are looking for free or open source Sacco management system, Sacco management software free download, Sacco management system source code, Sacco system documentation and we have ensured all clients are catered for when looking for the best Sacco management software in Dodoma, Tanzania. We can give you link to download the free Sacco software in Tanzania or download the loan management system – kindly contact us for Sacco Management system download and the Sacco management software documentation. If you also need Sacco management system proposal we can send you. Just contact us as we can integrate the Sacco system with any document management system. Our Sacco software Tanzania caters for Sacco’s, microfinance, chama and loan companies. If you download the free Sacco management software and you are unable to implement, kindly contact us so that we can implement the free Sacco ERP software online at no charge. Also we have the web based online Sacco management system for those who want to use as they pay. The online Sacco software in Tanzania has the cheapest rate compared to other Sacco management system Tanzania or Sacco Erp software in Tanzania.

    Our Sacco system is the best as it is integrated with the cheapest bulk sms and sacco sender ID. Every transaction on the Sacco ERP software is sent to client directly by SMS.

    MoveSacco proposal [download id=”2982“]

    The Sacco software Tanzania documentation and Sacco software proposal can be emailed to you upon request but you can download brief – download the sacco management system proposal
    our SACCO Management system is a web-based application providing micro-finance institutions, loan companies and SACCOs and with tools required to manage the needs of Sacco savings and Sacco loan Management. Where our Sacco ERP Software helps Sacco’s automate all Sacco operations from Front office, members registration, members savings, shares and dividends, Financial accounting and Reporting, Asset management, loans processing, bulk sms messaging, Payroll and HR modules and all the Sacco management system administration.

    Sacco Software implemetation

    Our Sacco system is implemented in 4 ways
    1. Self Hosted On-premise – Clients hosts the Sacco system in the oofices on local machine or server.
    2. Database Online System local – Database is hosted online for easier access. Sacco system is installed in local machines to access only database online. Best for Multi locational and multi brances Sacco’s and Microfinance institutions.
    3. Database and System online – System and Database is hosted online. Sacco system is accessed through web browser.
    4. SAAS- Sacco system is hosted in Movetech servers and lients will be paying as they use. Clients is billed monthly or annually.

    online sacco management system
    For many sacco’s we have implemented this as a online sacco system. You will be able to access all sacco system functionalities online. Access lans, savings, apply, guarantors online. The advantage of online sacco system is that you can access it while on teransit, or any where a long as connected to internet. Especially the matatu Sacco system rely on this online sacco management system.

    Sacco Management System Security

    Our Major concern in the Sacco management system is the overall system security. The Sacco system is developed from the best Java programs with Oracle database which is the best in the world. The security system module is well configured for audit trail and all lock and unlock security features in our Sacco Management system.
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