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With new features and hundreds of integrations, we are building software systems for every pharmacy business model.

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At Movetech, we are persistently looking toward the future. With the input of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, our Pharmacy software/systems remain at the cutting edge in the industry.

pharmacy software
pharmacy software

Hospital pharmacy software is to ensure that drugs/medicines are accessed and used safely by patients and professionals within the environment of the hospital. The pharmacist could play an essential role in providing accurate data for managing patient care. Information systems are now necessary to help pharmacists to perform their expanding list of daily tasks efficiently.

The pharmacy management system software collects, stores and manages information related to drugs and supervises the use of drugs in line, for patient care. The pharmacy software or pharmacy management system aligning with management information system to track and dispense drugs to hospitals and health care organizations.

The Pharmacy software provides complete Pharmacy management system from medicine sales to inventory management to billing. This helps to maintain the details of the medicines issued to the patients and provide an online bill for all the purchased medicines. It also helps to maintain the inventory details, the purchase, manufacturer and supplier details. The payment details of each patient/customer can also be maintained online.

This also helps to maintain the purchase details of both inpatient and out patient. Above all it helps to get the report of all the details like sales, supplier details, purchase etc for all types of criteria.

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