Second Level domains

Second Level Domain

.Ke Second Level Domains

We are pleased to announce the launch of the .Ke second level domain(SLD ) with the launch date set for 23rd July 2017 (sunrise period)

Please take note of the above that will allow registration of domains at the second level examples are:

Understanding the difference between the Top Level and Second Level:

The top level of is .com, the top level of is .ke. This means that what comes next is the second level i.e and after that third level This is a universal standard used , if you check on .uk(nominet) their top level is .uk, an example of their second level is and they have their third level an example is

The stages involved are:

Sunrise (Trademark owners only)

Land-rush (Bidding of premium domains)

Cooling-off (Applications assessment)

General availability (Available to anyone to register on a first-come, first-served basis)

Institutions(universities, colleges and schools) will be allowed to submit their applications during the sunrise period accompanied with a copy of their certificate from The Ministry of Education/ TVETA .

Despite the introduction of the SLD, the third level domains will still be available for registration.

All companies/ businesses/ institutions/ organizations and individuals are advised to take note of this and make the necessary arrangements through their registrars to secure their second level domains.
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