Hospital management system – Our Hospital software in Tanzania is a complete package of Clinical, administrative, billing and support modules and it supports multiple locations. Its customized to suit small and mid-sized hospitals and clinics.
Our Hospital ERP Software is packaged ERP software solution helping hospital management put their plan in place – to manage daily hospital activities, hospital growth, reduce costs, optimize processes, improve patient satisfaction and statutory compliance. Among the largest selling hospital management software in Tanzania for large hospitals, private hospitals, healthcare, clinics, family hospitals, NGO hospitals, mission hospitals, and doctor owned hospitals and nursing homes.

Our Health Care ERP Software or Hospital Erp Software which is developed for Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practitioners, Pharmacy, and Clinical Laboratories. Hospital ERP software will help you to manage the entire process and functional activities of the clinic or hospital in an efficient manner.

Hospital management system for the clinics and hospitals need smooth data and process flow starts from booking, patient registration, consulting, lab services, diagnostic services, surgical procedures, pharmacy, room allocations, follow-up supports etc. Our clinic or hospital software is competent to deliver excellent hospitality services to patients.

It is having modules for IP / OP Services and all the functional services across the organization. i.e. Patient Management, HR Management, Duty management, Stores & Purchases, Financials etc. Patient registration module with card printing, electronic medical records (EMR) helps easy drill downs to the patient case history. Keeping track of patient health statistics will help the practitioner/doctor to guide patient through a proactive approach rather than a breakdown approach.

While hospitals are taking help of IT revolution with centralizing their processes with hospital management system and Hospital ERP, our Hospital erp software is one of the best solution available in the market.

Main Modules
The Hospital software has complete process of Outpatients registration/inpatient registration from doctor booking Doctor Scheduling to Billing is available. The Consultations (History, Examination Notes, Investigations and Prescription) of Doctors are linked with Pharmacy and Lab

cheapest, easy to use clinic and hospital management system

The hospital software Inpatients management module becomes simple and quick with this. The process of Patients registration, Bed Allocation, Billing, Discharge, Bed Release, Discharge summary report having doctor prescriptions, lab reports.



Every part of Hospital software in Tanzania has inventory to be maintained (Wards, OT, Lab, Pharmacy etc). The hospital stocks has to be tracked to make full use of stocks and to monitor them. Our Hospital management system in Tanzania takes full care of Inventory.


Our Hospital Management system in Tanzania has a Complete Pharmacy management system in Tanzania from medicine sales to inventory management to billing. This helps to maintain the details of the medicines issued to the patients and provide an bill for all the purchased Medicines. It also helps to maintain the inventory details, the purchase, manufacturer and supplier details. The payment details of each patient/customer can also be maintained.


Lab activities from the hospital system/software in Tanzania patient registration to printing of reports are taken care. The lab technician with privilege to access the website can add the details of the new patient and the existing patient. The test performed in the lab will be categorized and the the cost and the standard result will be mapped to each of the test performed health information management system in Tanzania

The diagnostic report helps the lab tech or doctor to update the observed result for a particular test against the standard result for the entire required test and generate the total cost for all the performed testshospital software in Tanzania

Billing & Report

The crucial thing in Hospital software in Tanzania is billing, as the Data is centralized the Billing is taken care with just the patient ID.

The Reports in integrated hospital management software Tanzania are available in detail and stored in a centralized server for the patient to download it with proper credentials.

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