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  • 16 Jul


    Backlink – RESOURCES for backlinking Business Services Link Exchange DirectoryFree link exchange and link building service for business services themed websites. – Recommended Online Casinos For Online Slots! Biological Soil Amendments By Custom Biologicals – Living SoilsBiological soil amendments site by custom biologicals. Beneficial bacteria and beneficial trichoderma...

  • 26 Jun

    Getting a Pharmacy Management System

    Getting a Chemist Pharmacy Management Systems in Tanzania or chemist software? Are you setting up a new chemist/pharmacy, or are looking to revamp your existing one, investing in a pharmacy management system software is the way to go. Chemist/pharmacy systems software are now an essential component of any pharmacy...

  • 12 Jun

    10 Secrets of Successfully Computerizing Your Business

    10 Secrets of Successfully Computerizing Your Business 1. Be an Educated Buyer! There are so many ways to learn about computers and point of sale. You can go to a library, browse the Internet, visit a local computer store or even another business that has a POS system. 2....

  • 12 Jun

    Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a POS System

    Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a POS System Today, independent retailers have access to point of sale systems with features comparable to large competitors. The costs of these systems are often hundreds of times less than the investment made by the large retail chains. If a retailer avoids the...

  • 12 Jun

    Qualities of a good software engineer

    15 Characteristics of a Good Software Engineer Everything nowadays is managed by computers and because of this one of the most emerging professions in the world is software engineering. Every aspect of life now relies on some kind of software. Even machines which were totally mechanical are now mostly...

  • 30 Apr

    What is website design!

    What is website design? Quickly, web design means planning, creation and maintaining of websites. Website design also involves data and information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation, layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and images as well as icons design. All these website elements combined together form websites. Often, the meaning...

  • 20 Apr

    Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

    Most common job interview questions Here are the most popular asked interview questions you can expect to be asked in your interview and advice on how you can craft effective responses. Too many job seekers stumble through interviews as if the questions asked are coming out of left field....

  • 27 Mar

    Make money online through affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is generating an income or commission through the promotion and recommendation of products, services, and tools that others are selling. It can be an amazing addition to your passive income portfolio and a wonderful way to round out your offerings, provide additional value to your audience, and,...

  • 20 Apr

    Good website qualities

    Good website qualities First impression is the last impression, A user on your website makes first and important impression of your online brand, your business, quality of service. When you’re creating a new website, or updating your existing site, use this checklist to ensure your site will be visible...

  • 17 Apr

    Google ranking – Best SEO Tricks 2017

    Google 1st page ranking – Best SEO Tricks 2017 1. Unique High Quality Content The main thing in SEO is Unique High Quality content. Content is the King Your articles must be unique not duplicated from different websites or articles and your contents must convey same message as that...